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What Google AdSense Is (And Why You Should Use It)

Google AdSense is a Cost Per Click (CPC) program that enables you to show advertisements on your WordPress site. There are numerous benefits of using Google AdSense in WordPress to monetize your site.
Here are a few key ones:
  • It’s an easy way to generate passive income. Setting up AdSense is a simple and straightforward process once you know how (see our instructions below).
  • There is outstanding support from Google. Google’s AdSense support forum is filled with tutorials on how to increase your revenue, along with answers to any other questions you may have.
  • Ad formats are flexible so that they don’t dominate your site’s content. You can block any ads you don’t want to show (such as those from competitors), style text advertisements to match your site, and control where they appear.
  • You can use native ads to further control their look and feel. With the use of Native Ads in AdSense,  you can make sure that your advertisements adhere to your site’s style and conform to your standards.

There are plenty more reasons for using Google AdSense in WordPress for your monetization efforts. However, we believe that for those new to the game, its ease of use is one of the most compelling. Let’s learn how to set up this tool to work on your site, so you can start receiving payments.

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